BBC The Apprentice star Dani Donovan addresses Lord Sugar and Karren Brady’s off-screen behavior

A axed BBC The Apprentice star has hit out at Lord Alan Sugar and Karren Brady for their lack of off-camera interaction. Dani Donovan was suspended by Lord Sugar in the semi-final of BBC The Apprentice on Thursday night.

Dani missed out on a spot in next week’s finals. And now the 25-year-old has revealed that she had no off-camera interactions with Lord Sugar and his assistants.

The 25-year-old insisted they were not small talk. She added: “I don’t think they’re the people you’d chat with no matter how hard we tried! I don’t think they’d be interested – just like we’re there to get a job done, are they there to get a job done too.

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“The cameras are constantly rolling so there’s not really room for an off-camera moment. It’s always been kept very strictly business but I really have a lot of respect for all three of them, one thing I would say is that while they may be against the viewers may look stern and harsh, they were very, very honest.

Dani continued, “There was nothing that went unnoticed, nothing that went unsaid and there was certainly no wool pulled over their eyes!” In the penultimate episode, Rochelle Anthony, Marnie Swindells, Megan Hornby, Dani Donovan and Victoria Goulbourne were interviewed about their business acumen and the proposed plan for Lord Sugar’s investment.

Lord Sugar sent Marnie, Rochelle and Megan out while he discussed with Tim Campbell and Karren who they thought should make it to the final two before inviting the trio back into the boardroom. He eventually settled on Rochelle and Marnie, with Victoria axed first, followed by Dani.

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