Drug lord who flooded the UK with cocaine entered crime at ‘Premier League level’ and became one of the most wanted in the country

A drug kingpin who flooded the UK with cocaine was told he had entered ‘Premier League level’ crime when he finally faced justice. Michael Moogan, 37, was on the run for eight years and became one of the most wanted men in the country before he was finally caught in Dubai.

He was dragged back to Greater Manchester after extradition and made a philosophical impression on his return. “You won’t get in trouble from me,” he told the arresting officer after arriving back on home soil.

‘I am tired now. Take me to Manny and put me in cat A. I’m done now.’

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Moogan has since been remanded in Strangeways Prison and appeared on video link Friday morning at Manchester Crown Court where he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Moogan had no previous convictions before he became involved in the massive importation of Class A drugs.

“You have chosen to enter the world of crime at Premier League level,” Judge Paul Lawton told him. “You knew you were flooding the UK with cocaine, enabling other organized crime groups to ply their trade, with all the inherent violence and crime involved.

“You knew you were playing for extremely high stakes.” Prosecutors told how Moogan had been involved in importing 62 kilograms of cocaine into the UK after meeting other criminals at Café de Ketel in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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