Emmerdale broadcasts a dramatic exit as the character leaves for good after a deadly twist

In the latest episode of Emmerdale, a character seemed to leave the soap for good on Thursday night, after an armed confrontation with the police.

Emmerdale: Jacob is stabbed by Callum during brawl

Emmerdale fans watched a character leave the soap on Thursday night, a year after he joined the show.

Villain Callum crouched down in dramatic scenes during an armed confrontation with police after he tried to kill Leyla Harding.

Callum kidnapped Leyla earlier this week, a day after attacking her friend Suzy with a brick and leaving her for dead.

The girls had recently revealed his drug trafficking crimes to police, after he accidentally stabbed Leyla’s son Jacob earlier this year.

Jacob barely survived, but since he owned the knife, Leyla realized they couldn’t go to the police.

Fans of Emmerdale saw a character leave the soap on Thursday night(ITV)

Instead, she filmed him trading at a club and had him arrested, and Suzy shared claims that he was grass to his criminal buddies.

In the fallout, he attacked Suzy and kidnapped Leyla, before attacking and taking her hostage – seemingly intending to kill her.

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