Helen Skelton ’emotional’ over ‘broken’ Gethin Jones as BBC Morning Live viewers in tears

Helen Skelton was left emotional during a segment that aired Friday, March 17 on BBC Morning Live. The Countryfile presenter joined Gethin Jones at the BBC Morning Live studio after the Welsh presenter had been up all night.

As part of Red Nose Day 2023, Gethin took on the Gethin Keeps Dancing challenge, dancing for 24 hours in hopes of raising money for charities in the UK and around the world. Along the way he was joined by many celebrities, including fellow Welsh presenter and The One Show star Alex Jones.

Helen told viewers, “We’re counting down to a strict fitness like no other. Gethin digs deep. The nation is behind you, people have been watching all night, you’ve had people in tears, people are cheering you on.”

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Gethin was silent as he hobbled about on the spot, seemingly too exhausted to react. Helen described him as “broken” and continued, “I’m already getting emotional standing next to you because he’s broken, guys!

“But he’s doing it for a fantastic cause, for a cause that helps so many of us. Can he rise to the challenge? Find out at 9.15pm.”

Gethin, of course, completed the incredibly tough challenge. The hugely ambitious broadcast began on BBC Morning Live on the morning of Thursday 16 March and continued in the studio all day and night, ending at 10am on Morning Live on Friday 17 March, Red Nose Day.

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