I think it’s going to happen: NI actor Liam Neeson on the prospect of a united Ireland

The actor made the comments while speaking to Sky News’ Beth Rigby on Thursday night.

Asked about the prospect of Irish reunification, Mr Neeson said that if it happened everyone in Northern Ireland should be ‘reconciled’.

“I think it’s going to happen. I think Britain will be happy. I think it can happen, yes. But you know, everyone has to be happy. The Protestants in Northern Ireland have a strong voice,” he said to Sky News.

“I hear them, I know where they come from and they must be respected. If there is a united Ireland, their voices must be heard and they must be represented if a united Ireland is to come.”

Mr Neeson was raised a Catholic in Ballymena and began his acting career on stage in Northern Ireland, performing during The Troubles.

During the interview, he also reflected on the dangers that actors faced in those years.

“There were a few nights when the theater got a call to be told there was a bomb, and we had to go out with the audience, and the soldiers came in and searched, and for maybe an hour I say, okay, you can go back in,” he said.

“It was dangerous, but I think because of my age and because I loved what I did, I was just in a bubble.”

Reflecting on the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, Mr Neeson said the peace deal was an “extraordinary achievement”.

“There was just a feeling in the air, you know, of change — and change for good,” he said.

The Hollywood actor also called on Northern Irish politicians to get back into government.

“They represent the people of Northern Ireland – go back to work. You will still be paid,” he said.

“On the world stage, when you see what’s happening in Ukraine and stuff, what a politician is talking about [how] we need to get our sausages to Belfast from Britain, it’s like, come on, seriously, is this where we are?

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