Jennifer Aniston shines on the red carpet in Paris after accidentally swearing on This Morning

Jennifer Aniston sparkled on the red carpet in a sparkly gown with her Murder Mystery 2 co-star Adam Sandler — after she made headlines for accidentally swearing on This Morning.

The Friends actress, 54, seemed to put the gaffe behind her as she donned a shimmering gold floor-length dress embellished with thousands of tiny jewels.

Standing next to her co-star Adam Sandler during the Murder Mystery 2 photocall in Pont Debilly, Paris on Thursday night, she managed to keep a straight face after the morning TV appearance.

The gorgeous dress was held up only by tiny straps and lay in a puddle on the floor as Jennifer’s signature golden locks straightened and framed her face.

She opted for a natural makeup palette that made her complexion glow in a show of aging.

Continuing: Aniston, 54, dazzled as she waved to the Parisian crowd
Co-stars: In the film, Jennifer and husband Adam are seen on screen as full-time detectives as they head to Paris to try and solve a new case involving their wealthy friend

Meanwhile, comedian Adam, 56, wore all-navy blue with a smart suit, but put a casual spin on his attire by sporting a pair of trainers.

In a flash with the rest of the cast, the Marley and Me actress covered her arms in a chic bright white fur coat, matching the cream tones of the rest of her ensemble.

It comes after the actress left. This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are rushing to apologize after swearing live on air during Thursday’s show.

The Hollywood star, 54, described the filming process as one of “s***s and giggles.”

As hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield rushed to apologize, Jennifer said her potty mouth could “squeak” – not realizing the show was live.

Adam, speaking from Paris, said of the stunts, “Jennifer was afraid of falling off the Eiffel Tower. They yelled ‘action’ and she didn’t jump and I just crept up and pushed her. It was nice to see that reaction.’

While Phil replied, “I can imagine someone pretending to push you off the Eiffel Tower.” What fun!’.

“Just to giggle,” she said, before realizing her blunder and covering her mouth in shock.

Blunder: The Hollywood star, 54, made the mistake on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
Keeping Warm: A snap with her cast members. Pictured: Aniston, Laurent, Dany Boon, Jeremy Garelick, Kuhoo Verma and Adam Sandler
Age-defying: Jennifer looked like Rachel Green again as she wore her signature golden hair straight and opted for a natural makeup palette
Beautiful dress: Jennifer wore a floor-length dress adorned with thousands of tiny jewels
Uncomfortable! Jennifer accidentally swears on This Morning, saying filming was stupid and giggles, not realizing the show was live

‘No, it’s live, but don’t worry, we love it’ Phil said while giggling.

Explaining how their close friendship makes filming easier, Adam joked, “Jennifer knows I have a good hour a day when I’m in a good mood and she says, ‘Now shoot him! And get him out of here and let me do my thing’…’

With Jennifer laughing, “No… her [his bad moods] takes a minute and then they’re gone! We all take a moment of silence for the anger and then go back to work.”

Murder Mystery 2 follows on from the 2019 original. Jennifer reprises her role as Audrey Spitz while Adam plays her bumbling husband Nick Spitz.

Aniston and Sandler are seen as full-time detectives as they head to Paris to try to solve a new case involving their wealthy friend.

The highly anticipated action-packed sequel debuts March 31st from streamer Netflix.

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