Love Island host Maya Jama shares rare video with her mom and her fans are all saying the same thing

Maya Jama posted a TikTok on Friday featuring a cameo from a very special and elusive guest: her mother.

The presenter, 28, rarely posts content with Sadie, 46, but she showed off her beloved mother to her nearly 586,000 followers.

In the video, the Love Island host can be seen lip-syncing with the mother of the 1990s Fountain of Wayne, dressed in a white robe.

The star was getting ready for a show, her long dark brown locks wet and clipped away from her made-up face.

She had a stunning shimmery purple eye show and perfect cat eye eyeliner.

Daughter love: Maya Jama, 28, showed a video on Friday with a rare appearance of her mother Sadie, 46
Special guest: Fans raved about Sadie’s rare appearance in the host’s video

Just as the song reached its chorus, Maya turned to her mother, who looked fabulous in a single-breasted camel coat worn over a white top.

Sadie, who has the same luscious dark locks as her daughter, wore her hair down and wore dark pink lipstick and gold hoop earrings.

Maya captioned the video, “If your mom is a lengerz.”

Fans were clearly thrilled with the guest appearance and were quick to comment on the video, praising the great genetics in the family.

One fan commented, “She really could be your age, wow.”

Another wrote, “You look like mom,” while another briefly exclaimed, “She gets it from her mom!!!!”

One fan wrote, “It all makes sense now so stunning.”

Another agreed: “Your mother is so luscious.”

Like mother, like daughter: Fans were quick to praise the duo and praise Sadie for her daughter’s stunning looks.

The video comes days after fans raised concerns about Maya’s safety due to the “relentless” winds in South Africa during Monday’s Love Island final.

One fan wrote, “The wind in South Africa is STRONGGG, Maya almost got blown over.”

The TV star apologized when the show plunged into chaos, with cameras blown around by the strong gusts of wind during the live broadcast.

Fans claimed that the technical gaffe made the episode ‘too stressful’ to watch when protesting producers hadn’t done enough to soundproof the footage.

One wrote: ‘They need to get rid of the wind! It ruins the moment! #loveisland.’

Another added: “The South African winds are doing everything they can to clear this cursed show from their shores #LoveIsland.”

Despite the chaos, most fans were pleased with the outcome, with Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan being crowned the winners.

“Maya almost got knocked over!” Love Island viewers feared for the presenter during Monday’s final due to the ‘merciless’ wind in South Africa

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Despite this happy ending, it was revealed on Friday that convicted criminals were caught trying to secure a spot on Winter Love Island after show bosses implemented the government’s Disclosure & Barring Service in their background checks.

All potential contestants undergo rigorous screening before being accepted onto the show, including STD testing and criminal background checks.

Show bosses also inspect the islanders’ social media for disturbing material and conduct physical and mental health assessments for the islanders.

Signups for this year’s series had multiple past offenders attempting to star in the show.

A source told The Sun: “We’ve never had a #MeToo horror pop-up before because we don’t move forward with a potential contestant if we find anything disturbing about their history along those lines.”

Scary: It was revealed on Friday that multiple past offenders were trying to star in the show in this year’s series signings.

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