Moment when McDonald’s security guard hits woman ‘after a fight about eating chips’

McDonald’s has demanded that the company responsible for security in Leeds, Yorkshire, fully investigate the incident after sparking outrage on social media

Shocking moment when McDonald’s security knocks a female customer to the ground

This is the shocking moment when a female McDonald’s customer is knocked down by a security guard after an alleged altercation over consuming chips in the branch.

The disturbing footage was captured outside St John’s restaurant in Leeds, West Yorkshire, on Saturday night.

The arrest allegedly happened after the doorman turned her away for eating in line.

Next, a group of male strangers are seen trying to calm down the situation before it explodes into violence.

After the footage was made public, one of the girls, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Normally would never do this, but the kind of thing bouncers get away with is just disgusting.

The bouncer was accused of knocking the woman to the ground
A group of men jumped in to defend her outside the branch

“This was after my girlfriend was told to leave because she was eating some chips in the queue and we said she could stand on the side at night instead of being out on her own.

“The girl on the left outside asked why she had to leave and the guard on the right pushed her over and was verbally aggressive calling us ‘b***hes’, ‘sl*ts and ‘sl*gs and shoved her over.

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