Morton’s Rolls to resume production after rescue

  • By Magnus Bennett
  • BBC Scotland News

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Production at Scottish bakery Morton’s Rolls will resume on Sunday after the company was bought out of administration by a consortium.

About 110 employees – nearly half the previous workforce – are being recalled immediately after being laid off earlier this week.

Morton’s was bought by investors PVL following talks with HMRC, trustees and the Scottish Government.

PVL said it was confident it could change the company’s fortunes.

It added that it planned to take on more jobs “in the short, medium to long term if the right support is available”.

It is clear that the new owners will initially focus on the core products, including the traditional crispy breads.

Drumchapel-based Morton’s ceased production on March 3 after financial difficulties.

Notices of resignation were later sent by a provisional liquidator of FRP Advisory, who was appointed following the collapse of Morton’s Rolls.

The company attributed its problems to the Covid pandemic and rising energy prices “compounded by contractual obligations to major supermarkets”.

‘bittersweet moment’

PVL Representative John McIlvogue said: “This is a bittersweet moment for me, for the people who work here and for the wider community that depends on the jobs this plant provides.

“None of us wanted the past few weeks to unfold the way they have, but it was completely out of our control.

“Most importantly, now that Morton’s is back in business, we’ve got the staff back on the production line and we’re ready to produce our famous sandwiches that the good people of Glasgow have been clamoring for.”

image source, Morton’s Rolls

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Morton’s Bakery is located in Drumchapel, Glasgow

Mr McIlvogue said that while the business was “undoubtedly viable”, the factory was “outdated and in need of serious refurbishment”.

He added: “There we need the help of the Scottish Government and its agencies, something we hope we can iron out in the coming weeks.”

‘Feeling of relief’

Glasgow Labor MSP Paul Sweeney, who helped support the takeover negotiations, welcomed the latest developments.

He said: “It is with a sense of relief that after nearly two weeks of intense, detailed discussions, production is now restarting at Morton’s Rolls and more than 100 jobs have been saved.

He added: “These conditions are by no means perfect, and there is still work to be done to ensure that Morton’s is a sustainable business that can thrive for generations.

“There’s a commitment from the government to make sure they do everything they can to make sure that’s the case, and I’ll do everything I can to hold them to that commitment.”

Morton’s Rolls was originally founded by Bob Morton and Jim Clarke in 1965 in their bakery near Drumchapel, west Glasgow.

Over the years, Morton’s expanded its range to include savory products such as pies and bridies, and sweet products such as apple turnovers and doughnuts.

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