Ukraine closes ‘post-apocalyptic’ battlefield city to civilians

NATO denounces Putin for ‘dangerous and irresponsible’ rhetoric The EU urges Belarus not to harbor Russian nuclear weapons Avdiivka becomes ‘post-apocalyptic’, city officially closes Russia downs Ukrainian drone south of Moscow, 3 ministry hurt KYIV, March 27 (Reuters) – Ukraine closed off the eastern city of Avdiivka to non-military personnel on Monday, describing it as … Read more

Putin proposes ally to ban ICC in Russia

March 25 (Reuters) – The speaker of Russia’s parliament on Saturday proposed banning the activities of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after the court issued an arrest warrant against President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of war crimes. Vyacheslav Volodin, an ally of Putin, said Russian law should be changed to ban any ICC activity in … Read more

Last Russian war against Ukraine: Russia attacks along Ukraine’s front

March 25 (Reuters) – Russian troops attacked northern and southern parts of the front in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, as Kiev said Moscow’s attack near the city of Bakhmut was weakening. WAR ZONE * Some 10,000 Ukrainian citizens, many elderly and disabled, cling to survival in squalid conditions in and around the besieged city of … Read more

EU countries sign agreement to buy grenades for Ukraine

BRUSSELS, March 17 (Reuters) – Several countries of the European Union will sign an agreement on Monday to work together to buy artillery rounds for Ukraine as part of an effort to reduce the supply of shells Kiev says it urgently needs to counter the Russian onslaught combat, accelerate and increase. invasion. A senior EU … Read more