Ukraine closes ‘post-apocalyptic’ battlefield city to civilians

NATO denounces Putin for ‘dangerous and irresponsible’ rhetoric The EU urges Belarus not to harbor Russian nuclear weapons Avdiivka becomes ‘post-apocalyptic’, city officially closes Russia downs Ukrainian drone south of Moscow, 3 ministry hurt KYIV, March 27 (Reuters) – Ukraine closed off the eastern city of Avdiivka to non-military personnel on Monday, describing it as … Read more

Hong Kong police are closely monitoring the first authorized protest in years

HONG KONG, March 26 (Reuters) – Hong Kong police on Sunday allowed a small protest march under strict restrictions in one of the first demonstrations approved since a sweeping national security law came into effect in 2020. Several dozen protesters were required to wear numbered lanyards and were banned from wearing masks as police monitored … Read more

Last Russian war against Ukraine: Russia attacks along Ukraine’s front

March 25 (Reuters) – Russian troops attacked northern and southern parts of the front in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, as Kiev said Moscow’s attack near the city of Bakhmut was weakening. WAR ZONE * Some 10,000 Ukrainian citizens, many elderly and disabled, cling to survival in squalid conditions in and around the besieged city of … Read more

Black Sea drones show US involvement in conflict against Russia, Kremlin says

March 19 (Reuters) – US drone flights over the Black Sea are a sign of direct US involvement in conflict with Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday. Last week, a US drone crashed into the sea after being intercepted by Russian Su-27 fighter jets in the first known direct military encounter between the … Read more

British Prince Harry’s libel case against publisher ‘built on sand’, London court said

British prince sues paper over safety story Paper defends article as ‘honest opinion’ Lawsuit is final legal battle by Harry wife Meghan LONDON, March 17 (Reuters) – Prince Harry’s libel claim over an article about his security arrangements is “built on sand”, lawyers for publishing house Associated Newspapers told a London court on Friday, which … Read more

China hopes Russia and Ukraine will hold peace talks, a senior Chinese diplomat says

BEIJING, March 16 (Reuters) – China is concerned about an escalation of the war in Ukraine and hopes that Moscow and Kiev will hold peace talks, senior Chinese diplomat Qin Gang told his Ukrainian counterpart in a telephone conversation on Thursday. China, which has refrained from condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, has urged … Read more